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What Makes Snover Bay Bookkeeping Stand Out

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Thanks for stopping by our blog. If you’re looking for more information about Snover Bay Bookkeeping, you’ve come to the right place.

About Snover Bay Bookkeeping

Heather Kiessling is the founder and operator of Snover Bay Bookkeeping. She started the virtual bookkeeping/accounting business in 2017. In high school, Heather found she had a love for the behind the scenes bookkeeping/accounting roll. As a senior, she was enrolled in accounting competitions with Business Professionals of America (BPA). She placed 4th in the Northwest Ohio Regional accounting competition. 2nd place in Ohio statewide Accounting Competition. Which took her to Minnesota, where she was able to place 16th in the National Accounting Competition.

After high school, she had a son, Sean. At the age of four, doctors diagnosed Sean with Autism. He is now a happy and healthy 20-year-old young man.

During this time, she floundered a lot, working in factory positions that did not stimulate her mind and in turn made her unhappy. She changed course, started a position as an Office Manager in a local real estate company. This is where she realized how much she missed doing accounting work. Then the recession hit and most of the housing market went dry. So she had to return to factory work for a couple years to pay the bills. Doing accounting work on the side, keeping those skills fresh to be able to return to her passion eventually.

In early 2016, she was hospitalized with pneumonia, after months of breathing issues doctors found she had contracted staph infection in her lungs. The staph infection caused her to develop asthma, which meant she was unable to return to factory work. So she found work again as an Office Manager but this time, she decided to start a virtual bookkeeping/accounting business on the side in 2017. With a full-time Office Manager job and part-time bookkeeping gig that was starting to grow, she felt secure.

And then 2020 hit, Her son fell and broke his leg, had to have surgery to have a plate and screws put in to secure the bone. Shortly after, Covid hit her area and the state shut down, so she was laid off from the Office Manager position. At this point, she really had no more excuses as to why she shouldn’t be full time in her own business. So she went all in on Snover Bay Bookkeeping.

As many business owner’s can attest to, bookkeeping can be very stressful for many leaving them feeling unsure that the numbers are correct or ignoring the books until tax season. These are the things Heather can help you with, so you can present in your business. While Heather would love to help every business that comes to Snover Bay Bookkeeping, she is selective in which businesses to work with.

The Snover Bay Bookkeeping Difference

After living in Mid-Michigan for 7 years, Heather with her son, Sean, recently moved to a small Northwest Ohio community. Being in a virtual office, she is able to help clients throughout the United States. Heather is an expert in Quickbooks desktop and Online having received her Quickbooks Online Pro-Advisor Certification in 2017. Heather is also a Microsoft Excel User Specialist, Xero Advisor Certified, and has working knowledge of numerous other PC and accounting software over the last 22 years.

To learn more about all that we do at Snover Bay Bookkeeping, please click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.

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